Beauty Needs No Face

Beauty Needs No Face

Beauty Needs No Facewas an idea that was totally inspired by Brook Shaden’s style. The reason why I choose this name for this photo is because the hidden face was totally accidental. When I looked at this photo in my computer, it stunned me because in front of me I had a beautiful photo of a model (who herself is very beautiful) but the face was not visible. The name for the photo instantly came to me. I instantly knew that I had to name it ” Beauty Needs No Face “.

My friend Archana who lives in Perth was visiting Sydney because she was Dj-ing at a party a couple of months ago. Even months before she came, she had mentioned to me that she wanted to do a photo shoot with me while she was here. We had discussed about the type of shoot that she wanted to do and I had told her a few ideas that I wanted to do as well. She being a model herself, wanted to do a few modelling, fashion style shoot but when I told her about my ideas and I also showed her Brook Shaken style, she loved the idea and we decided to do the artistic style. I still feel a little bad that I didn’t get to do the fashion shoot that she also wanted to do but we have said that we will get together again and do another shoot for fashion only 🙂 .

This location I had in mind was this beautiful place called Wattamolla Beach in NSW. The location is just heaven. It has the beach, the waterfall, a little lake, trees. It’s all there. It’s just so beautiful. So, I already knew where I was going to do the shoot because I had been to this place before and I was in love with this place. I had also imagined what kind of dress she would be wearing and we went shopping and found a cheap dress at a charity shop. This creamish white dress was beautiful and I knew instantly that it would look amazing in the photo and would complement the shoot really well. I also bought a few picture frames for a few bucks which I used for a different photo.

Finally, I cannot thank everyone who helped me to make this shoot a success. Firstly thanks to Raktim Joshi for helping me out with hair and makeup. My darling wife Sabnam Karki for her creative directions. My good photographer friends who came along with me to assist and also get a few shots for themselves, Reece Peninton, Kewal Rai and Tez Wahnem.