The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit was a concept totally derived from the one photographer I admire the most and her name is Brook Shaden. I absolutely love her work and she is the reason why my photos are turning out the way they are.

Lately it has been raining a lot down here in Sydney and as much as I love cloudy weather because it is so easy to take photos when it’s cloudy, the rain keeps playing villain. Somebody has to fix this rain roster for this month as it is my holiday and I wish it didn’t rain as much so I can go out and shoot more.  All that said, we finally got a chance last Thursday to go out and finally do a concept shoot and I am really really happy with the result. The photo in this post is actually the photo shoot that I was wanting to do and I was talking about it in my last post (” And She Danced Beside the Sea ” ) where I was talking about the Little Red Riding Hood Concept. Did I end up doing the Red Riding Hood shoot? Well, yes I did shoot my concept but the end result was not really what I was looking for. I guess it means I still get another chance to do the shoot but what was good about this shoot is that we got heaps of other good conceptual photos that we worked out on location.

So, couple of weeks ago we bought the material to make the red cape. Sarmila our model who also happens to love to design and make her own dresses was more than happy to make the cape for us. Besides, we were going to use it for her shoot anyways. I also bought a black Lantern which cost me about $20. It’s a turpentine lantern, very old school and yes, I have already been yelled at by my wife for buying this cause she reckons that we could have used a candle lantern which we could have bough it from Ikea for half the price 🙂 .. We also bought a woven fruit basket and about 8 – 10 apples ( green and red mixed ).

Last thursday we headed down to Wallstonecraft ( Sydney ). This is one of my favorite location because it’s got this green wet forest feel all over the place. The lighting there is just amazing. I went there all prepared with flash and everything and didn’t end up using any equipment besides a reflector for like one shoot.

This time there was just Reece helping me out with the shoot. I am pretty sure he would have bagged a few good shots himself. I did miss my wife during this shoot because she is always there keeping and out for details.

Lastly, thanks to our model Sarmila and my friend and fellow photographer Reece Peninton for the day. It was an awesome shoot. Totally loved it and we are already planning our next shoot which I think will be in a desert, if we can find one nearby.. 🙂 .. Please do visit again.

Shooting Info:

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikon 24-70mm f2.8

ISO: 500
Focal Length: 48mm
Subject Distance: 3.4 m
Aperture: f/3.5
Shutter: 1/160 sec

Hi and welcome to Vivek Basnet Photography, my online portfolio and blog page.


Hi, I am Vivek and I am a photographer from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been taking photos over a few years now. I first bought my camera to take pictures for a community based events website ( ) that I run for my Nepali community living here in Australia. Even before I bought my first SLR, I used to go parties and nightclubs with my digital camera and take pictures of people dancing and couple and beautiful girls and post in my site. One day when I was browsing my site, I saw a comment on one of the photos that said, ” Such a good website but the photo qualities and crap”. I found it funny but at the same time concerned what the person had said cause it made perfect sense. If people want their photos posted, they want good photos posted, they want photos that look different than what even they capture.

Next morning, I gathered my friends and we went shopping. I think I dragged my friends along with me for over 4 hours trying to find a camera that would fit my budget. My first ever camera was on my hand, the allmighty Canon 450D. I bought this camera with a twin lens kit. Now equipped with a more sophisticated camera 🙂 , the photos that I getting were amazing. At first, I was taking photos for my site and later I found I was taking photos for myself. My love for photography had begun.

I absolutely love photographing people. I love every aspect of it and I get a thrill out of directing and getting results that I have in my head. I love taking portraits of people and recently, I have been drawn more towards the artistic approach. One of my inspiration and a photographer whom I idolize is Brook Shaden. I love her work and follow her blog all the time. I love how easily she can compose a photo and capture it perfectly. Through her teaching, I have learn’t that the biggest part of photography was how one composes the photo in the mind’s eye and then takes all the care to bring that vision out onto paper. I cannot talk about her enough.

Recently I have upgraded to a Nikon and I have found my peace with Nikon. I absolutely love my new camera and I will be posting lots of photos.

Well, I hope you guys will enjoy looking at my photos as much as I enjoy creating them. Thank you all for stopping by. Please leave your comments and feedbacks which means a lot to me.