Photoshoot at Garie Beach with Sarmila

Photoshoot at Garie Beach with Sarmila

Sarmila and I were discussing about an artistic conceptual shoot for a while and I had just the place in mind. Almost a year ago, me and my friends had accidentally found a forest location where I wanted to do a my version of ” Little Red Riding Hood “.  So, on 17th December we set out looking for this location.

For the shoot, I had pretty much got most the stuff that I needed. I had a fruit basket, almost a dozen green and red apples, a lantern, fuel for the lantern, and we even stopped on the way at Spot Light to buy a red material to make a makeshift red hood. We drove for almost 2hrs but alas we couldn’t find that same location. It was really disappointing. We have to give up looking for this location and headed for second location where I had planned to do a fashion shoot after the first shoot.

The photos that I have posted here is from the second location at Garie Beach in NSW. The location is itself on the far left on the rocks after crossing the beach. This location is also a very popular spot for fishing but luckily that day there were no fishermen.

Along with me were my wife Sabnam and my friends Reece and Sam who tagged along to assist as well as bag a few shots for themselves. Sabnam does not shoot, she helps us out with creative direction.

” And She Danced Beside the Sea “

– We started shooting about 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
– Camera Used: Nikon D700 with Nikon 70-200 f2.8 lens
– ISO: 800
– Focal Length: 70mm
– f/6.3
– Shutter: 1/400 sec
– Flash was fired at 1/2 power to balance the sunlight coming from the opposite direction.


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